3 Spectacular Centuries of Display Innovation

Fireworks Pricing

Because each fireworks display is unique, pricing must be done on a per-event basis.  Factors involved include: land vs. water firing positions, proximity to spectators, length of the show, location of the show, whether the display is designed by us or by the client, and other factors. Please contact us to receive a quote.

Fireworks By Santore has no hidden costs.  The price we quote covers everything necessary to produce your firework display. Your display quote will include:

  • All shipping costs for fireworks, equipment, and tools
  • All fireworks and effects
  • State-of-the-art firing systems
  • A 5 million dollar insurance certificate
  • All labor and workman’s compensation cost for our employees
  • All permit fees – $100.00 allowance
  • Post show clean-up
  • 100% Total Guarantee of Satisfaction*

*We are confident that our products and services will completely satisfy all your expectations.   We will not charge for any portion of your display you are not pleased with.

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