3 Spectacular Centuries of Display Innovation

Fireworks Displays

Aerial Displays
Santore uses only the finest quality products in our displays. We constantly test and compare products so we can offer magnificent effects while keeping our prices low. Our technicians are fully qualified to provide the utmost professionalism and safety to your guests and your property. All of our displays surpass the safety requirements of the National Fire Protection Association standards. Our rigorously tested equipment ensures your display will fire dependably and on cue.

Close Proximity Displays
Close proximity pyrotechnics give you great excitement and visual appeal in locations where conventional fireworks cannot be used. They are specifically designed for distance and height limited venues. They are perfectly suited to intimate gatherings like parties or weddings, and can be performed in unexpected places like golf courses and large lawns.

Santore provides an extensive line of close proximity pyrotechnics manufactured in our own factory with strict quality controls. In addition to outdoor displays, we can accommodate indoor venues such as stages, stadiums, and ballrooms. We match all product specifications to your needs.

Roof-Top Displays
Roof-top displays require special skills, training, and equipment to perform. Santore technicians are fully qualified for and experienced in roof-top performances. In densely built areas like downtown venues, roof-top displays offer a safe and effective way to immerse the audience in a “3-D” fireworks experience. In less dense areas, roof-top displays provide pyrotechnic beauty not to be forgotten. Whether you are trying to amaze your clients and guests, or have space and distance issues, roof-top displays are a great option.

Pyromusical Displays
There is nothing more emotionally pleasing and visually appealing than a well-done pyromusical display. With Fireworks By Santore’s artful and precise choreography, your audiences are left breathless by the majestic sights and sounds of a perfectly scored and timed display. Fireworks By Santore uses state-of-the-art computerized firing equipment to accurately synchronize your fireworks with your musical score. We have a fully digital in-house editing studio allowing us to create staggering custom musical scores from your own personal or commercial music collections.

Confetti and Streamer Effects
For venues where pyrotechnics or smokes are undesirable, we can provide a complete display of self-contained confetti and streamer effects that can be discharged on cue like fireworks. Fireworks By Santore can also provide bulk-fed confetti and snow machines to create a continuous “snowstorm” of confetti or artificial snow. As with all of our services, our technicians are fully trained in the safe and effective use of these devices. Your confetti or streamer display provides a fun and exciting highlight to your event.

Flame Effects
Flame cannons are unique effects designed to provide rolling fireballs up to 20 feet into the air. These are primarily used in stage events but can be applied to any venue. Flame Bars display “curtains” of flame up to 10 feet high. Colored Flames provide flames up to 10 feet high, and are available in a wide range of vivid colors and pastels. All of these effects are electronically fired, and can be choreographed to a musical score to provide remarkable and memorable pyrotechnic displays.

Indoor Displays
Indoor pyrotechnics require much experience and consummate skill to perform because they are done close to equipment, staff, and audiences. Santore technicians are qualified for indoor displays of all types. Our manufacturing company creates all indoor products to exactly match the needs of each venue.

Your safety is our first concern whenever we perform any pyrotechnic display. Fireworks By Santore has 126 years of experience and artistic excellence. All of our products and services are 100% Guaranteed*.

Please contact us about your upcoming events. Your guests will be thrilled!

*We are confident that our products and services will completely satisfy all your expectations.   We will not charge for any portion of your display you are not pleased with.

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